Code Hero September 3 Update

XY puzzles

New Hour-of-Code 2.5D levels

We’re working on a completely new set of levels for the first hour of Code Hero to serve as an Hour of Code experience. These will prepare players for the more advanced 3D XYZ manipulation levels that Code Hero was first demoed with. Players program bots to through obstacle courses on just the XY or XZ planes. You’re still walking around first-person, but the code is simpler than in the XYZ challenges and it does a good job of introducing a lot of logic and control flow concepts.

dwaxcC6Unity 5.5 graphical improvements

Unity 5.5 beta is out and it doubles the shader keyword limit from 128 to 256. This is critical for Code Hero, as we’re using some of the best shaders in the Unity community and any project that did that ran into the nasty 128 shader keyword limit and promptly had some of its shaders fail at random.

Unity 5.5 also has greatly improved line renderers and particle effects which should make the game’s wireframe effects look better.


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