Happy Birthday David Helgason & Ada Lovelace Day


We’re showing screenshots from a very special Code Hero level today. Oct 11th is Ada Lovelace Day and we’re celebrating her birthday by celebrating a living code hero who has changed our world for the better and made Code Hero possible: David Helgason.

Oct 10th is the birthday of David Helgason the cofounding CEO of Unity. David cofounded Unity with Nicholas and Joachim in Copenhagen and the development took place in their rented flat and at the IT University of Copenhagen, a beautiful and modern building that has hosted many historic gaming events including the Nordic Game Jams.

You can read a detailed history of how the Unity team went a million Denmark dollars into debt and put years of hard work into a Mac only game engine using a Microsoft programming language that sounded like garlic for vampires until the advent of Unity 2’s Windows and Web support and their eventual triumph as the first iPhone game engine.

Here’s what the ITU looks like in real life:


Here it is from the opposite end of the lobby in the game in an alpha state:


Here’s David Helgason and Caitlyn Meeks the creator of the Asset Store supporting one of the earliest Gamebridge Unityversity game dev mentoring meetups at Noisebridge Hackerspace.


We’re very grateful for the existence of Unity and all the hard work David and Nicholas and Joachim and Caitlyn and all the hardworking devs at Unity have done to democratize game development.


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