Integration of Articy 3 progressing

Articy Draft 3 has been released and our integration is progressing. We’ll be documenting how we incorporate the flows authored into Articy into the first-person game world and integrate with in-game missions, dialogue, puzzles, triggers and other entities.

Code Hero Faculty

The Code Hero Faculty What would a school be without faculty? Gamebridge’s Mentors are AIs based on historic code heroes. Ada Lovelace The first programmer of the first computer, Ada wrote a treatise on how the computer’s punch cards could be programmed with line-by-line operational instructions moving data between variables to calculate Bernoulli numbers. She…


The Code Hero 0.5 trailer is in production. Here’s thet old Code Hero trailer for the time being and for before and after comparison when the new one comes out.

Code Hero Soundtrack

The Code Hero Soundtrack is now available for early access on the Primerist band site.  

Code Hero September 3 Update

New Hour-of-Code 2.5D levels We’re working on a completely new set of levels for the first hour of Code Hero to serve as an Hour of Code experience. These will prepare players for the more advanced 3D XYZ manipulation levels that Code Hero was first demoed with. Players program bots to through obstacle courses on just the XY…

Code Hero August Update

August Update We’re back online with a new site, environments, splash, menu, login, physically based audio and graphical improvements. New web site The original Code Hero site had reliability problems that required rebooting on a daily basis, so we have built a new site based on the reliable WordPress platform to provide a consistent web updates while…

Gamebridge Unityversity Tutorials

Gamebridge Unityversity Tutorials Gamebridge Unityversity is a free school of game development with tutorials and classes that exist beyond the world inside the Code Hero game. Click to see the tutorials you can learn from and classes you can attend