Gamebridge Unityversity is the world of Code Hero and a real-world game dev school with free classes.

Gamebridge in Hackerspaces

At you can attend real gamebridge classes at Bay Area hackerspaces like Nosiebridge and Hacker Dojo. You can also do Gamebridge Unityversity tutorials at your own pace or by watching our live Twitch streams. Unity cofounding CEO David Helgason and Asset Store Director Caitlyn Meeks attended this Gamebridge meetup at Noisebridge:


Gamebridge in Code Hero

Gamebridge Unityversity has a virtual campus in which your teachers are AIs based on famous code heroes like Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage and Alan Turing.

The Libraraeon

The Libraraeon is the nexus of Gamebridge, divided into sections for each domain of game development.