Kickstarter backers made Code Hero’s development possible, and we are going to finish what we started together.

Though we ran out of funds before completing the project, backer support helped us build a lot of tech and content that we continue to build upon to complete the project self-funded.

We’re behind on updating and delivering to our backers. Here’s where we are at and our plan for completing the game and fulfilling the backer rewards.

Game release plan

  • We’ll release the 0.5 update to the game October 11, 2016
  • We’ll release monthly new test builds after that till completion.
  • We plan to finish the 1.0 finished game by October 2017
  • We’ll continue updating it with new content.

Community plan

  • We have a new site to update the Code Hero community throughout development.
  • We’ll post monthly Kickstarter updates with the same info as on our new site.

Backer rewards plan

  • We’ll deliver backer rewards at or before the 1.0 game release
  • Some rewards may be delivered sooner if we get the funds to do it

Backer Levels

All reward levels include the benefits of the previous levels.

$1+ Starving Hacker Name Your Price Edition

  • Digital download a game that teaches you how to make games
  • An account on the Code Hero online community network

$13.37+ Elite Hacker Name Your Price Edition

  • access to enter the mysterious in-game 1337 club

$31+ Elite Hacker Preorder Editon

  • in-game rewards to be announced soon for preordering the full-priced game

$42+ Elite Collector’s Edition

  • box USB version signed by team
  • codefoo scroll
  • Code Hero T-shirt

$133+ Elite Founding Pupil Edition

  • Membership in our founding supporter’s club
  • Invitations to special events
  • A one-on-one live mentorship session with one of the developers of Code Hero for yourself or a person you gift it to.

$313+ Elite Hacker Founding Apprentice Edition

  • Visit the Primer Labs HQ and meet the developer team
  • 5 live mentorship sessions with the developers of Code Hero or a person you gift it to.

$1012+ 1K12 Code Hero School Edition

  • A school-wide package for a school of your choosing
  • Code Hero accounts for all students in the school
  • Teacher mentor training and student metrics
  • Lesson plans to combine game development with other subjects like art, history, math, economics, etc.

$1337+ Founding Intern Unityversity Tuition

  • Work with the Code Hero team on development
  • Mentorship in game development
  • Cross-promotion of your own game projects

$3137+ Intern on a plane

  • Work with Code Hero team on development
  • Join the team for a trip to launch the hackerspace version of Code Hero at Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg December 2017

$10,000+ Elite Founding Funder

  • Custom game scenario with you as a character teaching something