Code Hero 2017 New Years Update

It’s 2017 and Code Hero is going to see new versions released this year. December we made progress on authoring with a new content creation workflow based on Articy Draft. If you’re not already using it for writing and design, you should give it a try.

We’ve written all the new levels as Articy flowcharts in preparation for their Articy Draft 2.5 update which has a full Unity plugin for deeper integration than is possible using just Dialogue System with imported datafiles. Here’s how we’ve been doing it so far with Dialogue System, which already works great but we need to integrate more custom entities than dialogue, quests and items:

Articy’s unity plugin will allow us to write puzzles and character dialogues rapidly in a unified flowchart and to then use that data directly in Unity.

We’ll post some screenshots of how the workflow works as we learn the 2.5 beta and start populating the game’s Unity scenes from the Articy data files.

There’s also a macro plugin writing API to put C# plugins into Articy itself. We plan to use this to make our game-specific content authoring of puzzle event triggers work better in Articy.



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